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The Best Possible Way to Welcome Your Child in Your Lives

Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an important occasion to celebrate the birth of a child or to welcome an adopted or step child into a family.

It officially gives the child their name and gives the parents an opportunity to share the reasons for choice of name. Parents make vows and commitments to the child, as do appointed persons in the circle of support- be they referred to as a god parent, life mentor or supporting adult. They and all the family and friends join together to make declarations of love and ongoing support to the child. There are no restrictions on what or who can be included.

Unlike with Christenings there is no requirement to have any religious element or words of faith in the ceremony. The child and their extended family are the focus rather than any religious journey and there is no strict protocol or requirements to be followed. I will get to know you as a family and each naming ceremony, written and conducted by myself, will be a unique celebration.

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