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Turning Weddings Into Meaningful Celebrations of Love and Commitment


A wedding ceremony is often considered one of the most significant moments in any couple’s history. Together with your family, friends, and guests, you and your partner will commemorate your commitment and love for one another.

As a trained celebrant, I understand the importance of this occasion and wish to make it special. You can expect me to create and deliver a personalised ceremony that is a true celebration of your love. 

Why have a celebrant?

In the UK for a legally binding marriage, couples have a choice of Church, Registry office or licensed venue. However each of these come with their own protocols and (sometimes strict) requirements. i.e. some churches do not allow photographs and some Registry offices do not allow any sort of religious wording. Often you will have little involvement in the words of the ceremony itself and may not meet in person the registrar who will conduct your ceremony till the day itself.

The benefit of a celebrant led ceremony is the flexibility and personal nature. There are unlimited possibilities for the location, date and time of the celebration. The ceremony is written with the bride and groom and with them at the centre of the unique wording. The celebrant is a known person to the couple, whom they have met at least three times including a rehearsal before the big day. As your celebrant I am contactable, friendly and supportive from the moment of your inquiry.

Other forms of Wedding Ceremony:

As well as marriage ceremonies, couples may choose to undertake a Commitment Ceremony which marks their relationship and shares their union with family and friends without the legal formalities that come with marriages and civil ceremonies.

I would be happy to assist in both commitment ceremonies and renewal of vow ceremonies – where couples seek to reaffirm their love and share their celebration of life together with family and friends. 

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